Another future is possible!

Earth, our planet, is in its 6th Extinction period.

Our ecology won’t experience extinction for the first time, however it is the first time it will face extinction as a result of humans’ actions.

We, as designers who got together in Yahşibey in July 2015 tried to define the principles for the continuation of our planet and the survival of our species in a just system without exploitation.

We say;

We call the ecosystem that forms our planet, Mother Earth for the reason that it is the source of our food. Therefore, which lasts is the planet, the ecology, the soil and the food it produces.

How we produce food reflects how we treat our planet. The limited resources of our planet are the assurance and source of our existence.

The 6th Extinction is closely related to how we use the limited resources of our planet.

The knowledge of the producer who handles the limited resources of our planet with respect and care is the key to life and sustainability. The producer with this knowledge is the small scale producer. However, the limited possibilities that are the source of our food are not under the control of the small scale producer anymore. The industrials produce by polluting the air, confining the water, and grabbing the land relentlessly. They don’t care about sustainability unless it is about economy.

This production system, in other words, plundering, exploitation and discrimination for the sake of productivity and profitability is widespread on the whole of the planet. Mother Earth that is the source of our food is in the centre of this plunder, exploitation and discrimination and the small scale producer that stands close to her gets his share from this unjust system. The small scale producer’s knowledge that is severely neglected is vital and must not be lost.

The small scale producer who has the knowledge of processing the limited resources of the planet with respect should be protected; his relation with Mother Earth should be made essential.

Here lies the first step to our survival and sustainability.

People should overcome their ambition to tame, to manage and to possess nature, should be a part of it once more and take the the first step for ecological peace. The reestablishment of the relation with Mother Earth is important for the future which peope is a part of.

To protect and to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem is a priority. It is essential that you respect the planet. The planet is an open source for all, offers its codes without hesitation and its structure is at equal distance for us all. Thus these qualities of the planet should inspire us in finding answers.

All living things on the planet are equals; people are a part of this whole.

We recommend that design for the future should be based on sincere conversation. We can bring the resistance that blocks the conversation into view. We can enable the sharing of true knowledge. It is possible to end discrimination.

It is a right to know. People have the right to know their impact on the planet. In order to be able to choose the good, the clean and the fair, it is necessary to know. You cannot deny a person the right to know the producer and the right to learn the cost of the product to the planet. On the contrary, we think that our children should get ecological education at an early age. We trust the generations raised with the notion out of enough would respect the other people sharing the planet.

We imagine a management system that defines the sharing of commons through conscience and justice based on the traditions of ancient cultures.

Through these we aim at forming the parameters which will carry the values deeply rooted in the past to the present, which will in the end help us establish relationships based on mutual trust.

Another future world is possible!


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